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Fssai Registration

FSSAI Registration is a basic registration for food business in Fssai Central Government. Food Business Individual or company can start restaurant, food points, food takeaway, canteen, food products manufacturing or repacking or trading, food van, tea shop, ice cream parlour etc. with the permission of fssai department to take basic registration if turnover not cross 12 Lacs. FBO can apply basic fssai registration with help of registration consultant or Ezzus India and take advantage of fast approval of application within 1 to 2 days to get fssai certificate. Generally, Department will take time 1.5 Months to issue certificate of new fssai registration but we will done within 1 to 2 days only.

Fssai department divide fssai license in three Parts:

Fssai Registration           : Start or Turnover below 12 Lakhs.

Fssai State License       : Turnover more than 12 Lakhs.

Fssai Central License   : Turnover more than 20 Crore  or Food Import-Export.

Fssai registration is only registration of food business in fssai department. So, registration certificate of fssai will be issued without physical visit of food inspector. Department will provide certificate for 1 to 5 years validity and before expiry of validity of certificate fbo’s need to renew certificate before 1 month of expiration. After start of last month, department will charge penalty of 100 rupees per day till filing of renewal. Once last date of validity gone, FBO’s need to apply fresh application to continue food business.

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Fssai Registration Certificate with 1 Year Validity (Turnover Less than 12 Lakh or Starter) will get in 1-2 Days. (OFFER PRICE TILL 30TH APRIL 2019)

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Fssai Registration Certificate with 3 Years Validity (Turnover Less than Rs. 12 Lakh or Starter) will get in 1-3 Days (OFFER PRICE TILL 30TH APRIL 2019)

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( Plus 18% GST on Professional Fees )
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Fssai Registration Certificate with 5 Years Validity (Turnover Less than Rs. 12 Lakh or Starter) will get in 1-2 Days (OFFER PRICE TILL 30TH APRIL 2019)

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Document Required For Fssai Registration:

For Individual or Proprietorship Firm –

  1. Applicant’s Aadhaar Card.
  2. Photo of Applicant.
  3. Electricity Bill of Business Premise or Address of Business Place.
  4. Rent agreement of Rented Business Premises.(Optional)
  5. Firm Name or GST Registration Certificate.
  6. Kind of Business, Food Category and Food Products.
  7. Applicant’s Mail Id and Phone Number.

Extra Documents in case of Partnership Firm/ Pvt. Ltd./LLP.

  1. Partnership Deed and Pan Card of Firm. ( In case of Partnership Firm)
  2. Pvt. Ltd. Registration Certificate (In case of Pvt. Ltd.)
  3. LLP Registration Certificate. (In case of Limited Liability Partnership Firm)

1. Fssai Fees Receipt as a temporary Fssai Registration Proof after fees pay to department.

2. FSSAI Registration Certificate will get on registered mail id within 3 working days.

Advantage of Basic Fssai Registration with Ezzus India:

  1. Fssai Registration is online now.
  2. Generate certificate of fssai online and receive on registered e-mail id.
  3. Fssai department take care of hygiene of foods with fssai certificate. So, Customer always prefer fssai approved foods or restaurant.
  4. Fssai registration certificate always give addition trust value in B2B Food Business.
  5. Fssai certificate help to sell of foods online through zomoto, swiggy, food panda or other foods app.
  6. Fssai registration is pocket friendly. So, any small food vendors or operators can start their own outlet or business easily.
  7. It’s also a form of proprietorship registration and vendor can easily open current account, as many banks accept registration certificate of fssai as proprietorship registration certificate.
  8. Small food manufacturer or processors can also take fssai registration to start business.
  9. Fssai registration is one time registration and no compliance like monthly gst returns or annual return to help food business operator.
  10. Fssai modification like address change of food premises, addition of food products and fssai renewal is online under fssai department.
  11. Fbo can add n number of food products or food category or kind of business in same fssai basic registration.

Time Involved :

Fssai Registration : Basic

We will take around 2-3 days for provide Fssai Registration Certificate in all state of India.

Frequent Asked Question: FAQ’S

Ques. Who can apply fssai basic registration?

Ans.:  Small food vendors or hawkers or manufacturer or re-packer can apply fssai registration basic.

Ques.: What is the fees for applying new fssai registration?

Ans.:  Fees for apply fssai basic is Rs.3000 for 1 year and Rs.4000 for 5 years validity.

Ques.: How many days will take for getting fssai certificate?

Ans.:  We will take 2 to 3 days to issue fssai certificate and provide on client registered email id.

Ques. Whether fssai certificate is valid all over India?

Ans.:  Yes, Its valid for doing business or sale products all over India hassle free.

Ques. Whether certificate of one company will work for all business premises?

Ans.:  No, Fssai registration is premises based registration. So. FBO need to apply separate registration for all business places.

Ques. Do we receive physical certificate?

Ans.:  No, Fssai Department is issuing certificate online and Fbo will get fssai certificate on registered email id.

Ques. Is it mandatory for selling food products online?

Ans.:  Yes, registration under fssai is mandatory for all food vendors or manufacturer who doing or planning to start online or offline. Companies like Zomato, Swiggy and Food Panda selling food through apps will not register food outlets without having fssai certificate.

Ques. Do the food inspectors will visit the business premises?

Ans.:  No, Food Inspector will not visit on fbo’s business place at the time of getting fssai certificate.

Ques. What is the process of getting fssai registration certificate?

Ans.:  You need to send basic documents on Ezzus India’s Whatsapp Mobile Number (+91 9717712008) or email id ezzusindia@gmail.com . Then we will apply fssai fresh application and provide certificate on mail id within 2 to 3 days.

Ques. What is the validity of fssai certificate?

Ans.:  Validity of Fssai registration certificate is 1 to 5 Years. Before expiry of validity of fssai certificate you need to apply renewal.

Ques. What all other registrations are required with fssai registration for food business?

Ans.:  Generally no need to take any other registration, but with new gst registration fbo can do hassel free business.

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