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Simple online process to Change The Business activity of the Existing company.

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Change in Business of Private Company /Change in Object Clause

The object clause of the company states the purpose or business for which the company is incorporated. In case, company want's to change the Business activity of already registered company or change object after incorporation, the Memorandum of Association (MOA) would have to be amended as per Companies Act, 2013.

Object clause mentioned in Memorandum of Association of a company explains–

1. Main business activity of the company (Main object)

2. Activities which are necessary for conducting the main business activity (Ancillary objects)

The Company is prohibited from carrying on the business outside the scope of its objects.

Document Required

Documents Required for Change of Objects.

  1. Copy of COI, MOA, AOA of the company.
  2. Type of New Business.
  3. List of Shareholders with complete details
  4. List of Directors with complete details
  5. Authorized Director DSC

What You Get

  1. Copy of Draft documents drafted for change of Objects like resolution, Notice etc.
  2. Altered MOA
  3. Copy of Filed MGT-14 with Challan
  4. Fresh Certificate of incorporation after object change.
  5. Change of CIN Number if Completely different activity,


The Most Important Thing is why Companies Changes its Business. There could be various reasons like:

  • To Enhance the scope of its activities on larger scale
  • To attain the goals by new or improved methods.
  • To enhance its scope by addiding on such additional business that can easily be combined with the existing business of the Company.
  • In case the Company is getting amalgamated or combined with other companies, it needs to expand its existing objective.
  • To sell or dispose of the part of the business which can alter the structure of the business.


Time Duration

All it takes is 15-30 days working days* But filing of form within 2 days alteration is subject to ROC approval.



How it works


Ezzus India India

Rs.3450/- Including GST

Addition of Objects in Existing MOA without Chnaging Activity Code

  • Change of Activity of Company
  • Drafting of documents 
  • Alteration of  MOA
  • Filing of MGT-14 with Challan
  • Fresh Certificate of incorporation after object change.
  • Addition of Related activity in MOA



Ezzus India India

Rs.4540/- Including GST

Complete Alteration in Objects in Existing MOA and Also Changing Activity Code & CIN No

  • Change of Activity of Company
  • Drafting of documents 
  • New MOA
  • Filing of MGT-14 with Challan
  • Fresh Certificate of incorporation after object change.
  • Change of CIN Number 

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1. Can we Change Activity of the company without informing the Register Of Companies?

No, If a company wants to change its business activity or add more related activities in its MOA, the company has to take approval of Board, Shareholders and then to take approval of ROC by filing Form MGT-14 and after getting the Fresh Certificate of object Change. The company can start its new activities.

2. Do Object Change impact any other registration of company?

If company changes its Business activity, The Company has to intimate to the other department like GST etc. and IF CIN Got Changed due to change in NIC code of the Company, company has to inform the banker also and update its CIN in the record of the bank.

3. What is the Process for Changing the Business Activity or object clause of MOA?

  1. Call a Board Meeting of Directors
  2. Hold the Board Meeting for such change in MOA and pass Board Resolution after Selection of Object.
  3. Call Extra Ordinary General Meeting of members
  4. Hold EGM and Pass Special Resolution & Approval of Alteration in MOA
  5. Filing of Form MGT-14
  6. Issuance of Fresh Certificate after object change.