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A Company Registered under the Companies Act can easily change its registered office without any hurdles or physically visits with the ROC. It is very simple process to change the registered office of the company with the help of Professionals and all the process is online. There is no IN-Person visit required to any professional office or to any Registrar.

Every Company has MOA which is having five clauses:

  • Name Clause
  • Registered Office clause
  • Object Clause
  • Liability Clause
  • Capital Clause

Any of these clauses can be altered by the Company as and when required.  The Registered Office Clause or the Registered Office of the company can be altered with the approval of Board of Directors, Shareholders of the Company and sometimes RD approval.



Change within local limits of city, town or village

Change outside local limits of city, town or village, within the same RoC and state

Change in RoC within the same state

Change in state within the jurisdiction of same RoC

Change in state outside the jurisdiction of existing RoC

Enquiry / CALL: 9717712008, 9650082009

The Most Important Thing is why Companies Changes its Registered Office. There could be various reasons like:

  1. For Better Infrastructure and facilities
  2. For Better available man power
  3. For Better opportunity
  4. For Taxation Purposes
  5. Due to takeover of the Company by another company
  6. Due to change in Government Policies
  7. Due to direction received from the Central Government/Tribunal
  8. Due to any Spiritual/vastu or any other sentiments or beliefs
  9. Any Other Reason.

Time Duration

New Address Proof - Rent Agreement and Electricity Bill

Updated Master Data of Company



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